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It took me 22 years to trust myself
Too many people told me to be somebody else
They said ?there's two things you gotta do to succeed.
1- forget about you. 2- listen to me.?
But on the 20th day of December this year
what I needed to do became ever clear
I got drunk and I cried and I fell asleep
When I woke up I knew who I needed to be

Took off my shoes and my socks and I ran through the snow
Through the center of town I left long ago
Frost bite on my ankles and I don't care
Got some shit on my mind that I wanna share

I'm riding around old stomping grounds
Riding around on sacred ground
I know where I'm going cuz I know where I've been
I've been- riding around old stomping grounds
Ridin' around this small town
Finally know where I'm going
Back to the beginning again

Take 'em to the strip club
Make a Euro pop song
Do whateva I say
Industry get along
You should do a cover song
You should make a Katy song
You should pull your titties out
Then I'll put your record out
...then I'll put your record out

Composição: Jojo and Jahi Sundance

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