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Tribute To Muddy

Johnny Winter

The Progressive Blues Experiment

Woah Lord I wish
Lord I wonder what happens
Answer's the nickel
A deep blue sea
I tore all good looking women somewhere
Sure enough baby that's me
'Cause it's gonna happen
Lord my mother
Well so as my father
About three months long before I was born
Said I got a boy child coming
Sure enough it gonna be a rolling stone
Lord I'm gonna get a rolling stone man
Lord I'm broke
Lord I'm broke
Now I reckon I better do
Lord if I clean up little girls
Then I go home with you
Yeah man I'm gonna walk
Woah Lord it's true
Two things running
Lord I believe you're the worst child in my way
We're gonna watch them run at midnight
But the one that's running just gonna lie dead
Lord she's lone yeah and she's tall
Lord she weeps like a banshee
Lord the folks they say she's no good
But she's all right with me
'Cause I'll be right there
Woah, ho, ho
Someday help me, help me, I always lose
Lord see if the girl don't love the man you know
That's when I do the voodoos
Ah, don't make you hurt honey

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