T.v. Mama

Johnny Winter

Well I laid down last night
and I turned my T.V. on
You know I laid down last night
I turned my T.V. on
You know as I get old,
people but I believe my tube is wrong

Well my baby she was cryin'
want me to get my tv fixed
Oh, she was cryin', wanna get my tv fixed
She said a T.V. service
and she need it mighty quick by the way

Now well I called the T.V.
doctor he came over right away
He said he'll see what he can do here
to haul my set away
I told no damn well I'll never do,
man if you don't get the picture

I'm gonna do some work on you
work a while go ahead now,
got my T.V. working
My old tube is like brandnew
and now I got my tv workin'
My old tube is like brandnew,
yes, come over baby
and I show my tube to you haha
How do you like my tune?

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