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Mean Mistreater

Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter - Coleção 3 Pak

She's a mean mistreater
She mistreat me all the time
She's a mean mistreater
Little gal mistreat me all the time
I just had to quit you baby
Wheee! Heavy on my mind
She's a mean mistreater
And she don't mean me no good
She's a mean mistreater
And she don't mean me no good
I don't blame you baby
Wheee! I'd be the same way if I could
Remember the Monday morning
You were laid out across the bed
Drinking moonshine baby
And talking all out of your head
Remember, remember, baby
When you were layin' out across my bed
You know you were drinking moonshine, baby
Wheee! And talking all out your head (yeah)
And you're lonesome, baby
When you're stupid by yourself
The one you love will never settle down
(And you're lonesome, and you're lonesome)
When you're sleeping by yourself
The one you're in love with
Goes to lovin' someone else

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