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Save The Last Chance For Me

Johnny Lee

You can dance every dance with somebody else
And leave with whoever you like
Fall for every guy with a sympathetic lie
And convince yourself that he's Mr. Right

But when all of your heroes have let you down
And none of your loves has come through
When you're busted and you've broken down to your
Last token you think there's nothing left to lose

All I'm askin' is (ooh baby save the last chance)
Save it for me (could you maybe save the last chance)
Before you give up on love, save the last chance for me

Now I know that love is a roll of the dice
It's only a draw of the cards
Just a gambler's game, no two lovers play the same
And the odds are for a broken heart

And I can tell you've never held the right hand yet
And the dealers say 'read em' and weep'
But if you call me I'll see you, on that you can bet
I'll be the ace up your sleeve

(Save the last chance) when you're almost out of love
(Don't you give up on romance baby) don't you give up
(Lay it on the line) just one more time
(Baby take a long shot, you might hit the jackpot

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