The Bass

Johnny F

Yeah I see on the floor dancing hard with 4 boys
I see your ass going down, down, down
With the others I'm alone
Who should be dancing with you
Is me, is you. It's all 'bout attitude
Come here, will you take it?

I can stay here all night 'cause we just have one life
And this time is ours baby
I can dance all the night if I am by your side
Please don't stop Dj
Until the sunshine the beats of my heart will beat to the Bass
Let's fire up the floor
Let's get Crazy!

Put your hands up in the sky
Let the beat be your guide, guide, guide
Your ass shaking make me feel so amazed deep inside
'Cause me and you we've got that attitude
Come here, will you take it?

Letra enviada por Jônatas Santos Frazão

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