Johnny Cash

Hurt (Cifrada)

Johnny Cash

The Legend of Johnny Cash

intro: Am C G x2 terminando em Am Am C D Am C D Am E|------0---------0------2-------0-------0--------2------0----| B|------1---------1------3-------1-------1--------3------1----| G|------2---------0-----2--------2-------0------2--------2----| D|----2---------2-----0-------2--------2------0--------2------| A|--0--------3--------------0--------3----------------0-------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| (C G Am) I hurt myself today, to see how fast will feel, I focus on the pain the only thing it´s real The neddle tears a hole, the old familiar stink, try to kill it all the way, But i remember everything Refrão : ( toque como se estivesse tocando piano, ou seja, belisque uma corda grave e logo em seguida três agudas ) G, Am7, F6, C5, G E|----3-------3-------3-------3--------3------| B|----3-------1-------1-------1--------3------| G|----0-------0-------2-------0--------0------| D|----0-------2-------3-------2--------0------| A|----2-------0-------0-------3--------2------| E|----3-------0-------0-------0--------3------| C F G Am F G what have I become, my sweetest friend, everyone i know, goes away in the air, Am F and you could have it all, G Am F my empire of dirt, I'll let you down G Am I'll make you hurt (C G Am) I wear this crown of torns upon my liars chairs, full of broken thoghts I cannot repair, beneath those things of time, the feeling disappear, you are someone else, I'm still right here. Refrão Am F G Am F G Am If I could start again a million miles away, I will keep myself, I would find a way...

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