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    Dear Mrs though we've never met I know very much about you
    I know that you've got hair that shines like the morning sun
    You've got eyes that hold the blueness of the sky
    And of the deepest sea on a clear day and a smile that has a sparkle of a diamond
    I know that because I've heard him say those things about you
    These're the thoughts and the words of a man
    Who spent many heart breaking years behind prison walls
    The father of your children the man who worshipped the very ground that you walk on
    He had a picture of you Mrs it was old and faded and torn
    But you could tell at a glance that he never exaggerated in his thoughts and visions
    He never left his cell without first checking to see if he had your picture with him
    He was a young man when he first came to prison
    And he talked a great deal about you but as the years passed he talked less and less
    And during his last year here I don't believe he ever said a word to anybody
    He had the appearance of a man much older than he really was
    He walked with his head down and his shoulders saggin'
    And the walk itself seemed to take a great deal of effort
    He never received a letter or had a visitor while he was here in prison
    But never did he stop looking and waitin'
    Every day at mail call you could see him standing close to his bars
    With the look of a child awaiting a reward
    Even after the mailman had passed his cell his pleading eyes would follow beggin'
    As always he'd feel of his shirt pocket and then just stand there
    Staring at the emptiness and as always I could somehow feel the lumb in his throat
    And the burning in his eyes you know Mrs like just before you start to cry
    Well I thought you might like to know that they buried his body today
    Just outside the prison walls
    They buried him there because nobody cared enough to claim his body
    You know there was even a couple of old convicts there that actually cried
    No not because they cared for him but for what he died from they cared for
    Loneliness every prisoner knows loneliness but some know it more than others
    The man that they buried today had died many times
    Every day he waited hopin' and prayin' for a letter or a card
    Or just a note or anything to let him know that somewhere out there
    Somebody cared for him
    That assurance never came and today he died Mrs
    He died from loneliness starved for love a love that nobody ever wanted
    You see no man woman or child is immune to the need of love or to be loved
    No matter how terrible his crime might have been
    The death he died from today was more inhuman
    But his suffering is over now and he's resting in a pauper's grave in a prison suit
    And in his pocket is an old torn and faded picture of yes of you Mrs

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