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    I hear people laughin' on the corner by the square
    The neon flickers on my wall and I know you're out there
    I'm in your bed and listenin' for your footsteps down the hall
    And I'll be waitin' for you after the ball
    After the ball is over after the ball
    If you cannot stand I've got a place for you to fall
    The blinds're drawn and I have turned the clock face to the wall
    I'll be waitin' for you after the ball
    [ guitar ]
    Lovin' you is sweet addiction I need only you
    Just as long as you come back go do what you want to do
    Give the night your laughter but I'll have you after all
    I'll be waitin' for you after the ball
    After the ball is over...
    After the ball is over...
    [ Rambler ]
    Good afternoon Mr Coors
    Don't wish me that that headache behind my left eye is bad enough...Sunday
    [ Fisherman ]
    Preachers man I don't need to hear no preachers this mornin'
    Where do those guys come off at anyway
    [ Rambler ]
    Well they ain't all bad
    [ Fisherman ]
    And they ain't no good
    [ Rambler ]
    Some people need preachers or somebody to tell 'em right from wrong you know
    [ Fisherman ]
    Not me man
    [ Rambler ]
    I don't either I guess but I sure know when I was wrong like last night
    Here I am sick sober and sorry again and I promise
    [ Fisherman ]
    I ain't sorry man I ain't sorry at all
    In fact I think I'm gonna have a little Bud there
    A little hair of the dog that bid me last night
    [ Rambler ]
    Hey you know I gotta...how anbout cleanin' the windshield off I gotta drive you know
    [ Fisherman ]
    [ Rambler ]
    My grandfather was a preacher a country preacher from Carolina
    [ Fisherman ]
    Yeah and I bet he made a lot of money too
    [ Rambler ]
    He didn't make any money if he got anything it was earned
    He did weddings funerals preached twice a week visited the sick everyday
    He was a boyscout master a marriage counselor
    [ Fisherman ]
    A fighter and wild horse rider and a windmill operator
    [ Rambler ]
    Hey don't get funny hey how can you criticize preachers
    I bet you don't know one single preacher
    [ Fisherman ]
    Come on man you know as well as I do when they talk holy holy all the time
    And everyone of them's got some trash in their closet
    There ain't no man that's all good
    [ Rambler ]
    And no man is all bad either
    My grandpa wasn't all talk like I said you know he served the people
    He didn't ask for money because he knew them poor people out there didn't have it
    He worked in the fields through the week to support himself side by side
    With the people he preached to on Sunday
    I guess they believed him on Sunday
    Because they knew they could believe in him on Monday

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