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Pills For The Havoc

Johnny Booth

Death to the dreamer breathing you in
Oh, my grave where art thou victory
Your meaning was so lost
No longer, these shaky hands mistrust
The words spat from your brow

You're breeding sickness with a golden pen
I should have known I could not put my trust in you

Panic to the hidden shelter
This doctor - nothing more than a drug dealer
Flood my thoughts with assumptions that a pill can cure
Your lies have brought us to death.

There's no bright side, they feed on profit,
A lacerated headless ghost will rule these walls.

We are a wave of numbers
Drowning everything that we could grasp
We are a wave of numbers
Drowning everything that we could ever imagine

Stay behind
Student master breathing sulfur
Creatures forbid, shackle chain our brains
Now listen closely to my voice
If faith is anywhere you're killing us all
Scatter righteous ones.

Plagues, you left us with conflicting answers
Plagues, you left us with regret
Plagues, you left us with the bleeding answer
Plagues, you filled us with regret

Scars swept in,
Shards of wrist to close for comfort
The air spreads thin.

Behind the curtain we hatch infection, behind the curtain.
Let's make a promise, to each other
That our illnesses will not be business
They prey on profit
They prey on profit

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