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Johnny Booth

We're nothing more then a bombardment of
Publications applauding, the merchant smirking.
A familiar wretched sense of your butchered self hovers closer.
Consumer's high pitch
Screaming turned into
Nothing more than sheer shrieking

I propose a reverse, a change in Ideals.
I propose a reverse for better forms of connection.
Bring me the weak, the rise of us all lies
within the bottom of society.

Protect the level head
Peel backs the reason,
Consume certainty.
Quit holding difference, and wanting us
to submit our hollow limbs
This is the albatross hanging 'round our neck
And I won't let all you cowards forget about the end.

When will madness prevail?

Begging for the asylum
Burning for the anthem
Begging for the asylum now

The struggle must go on hostile children
Struggle must go on, spreading all the revelations

We're not convicts,
don't take responsibility for things we've said and done
We're not convicts, the reflections are the guilty ones,
the guilty ones.
Slow waves of sound, I know what creatures lie inside
I know what lies.
Damaged anarchist, I know what creatures lie inside
I know what lies.

Take our flat-headed monster.
Stones clogged my throat.
Forceful self-portraits burn the hands off god.
Don't breath, time will claim us all.
Dark waves, of our expression.
Visions don't receive natural deaths.

Visionaries will die young
Visionaries, with clenched fists and open arms
Envious hearts are hunted we're all visionaries

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