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Gentleman's Dream

John Wesley Harding

Juliet said to the night air
'Wherefore art thou Romeo?'
He was beneath the balcony
Hearing a word he didn't know
Romeo said to Juliet
What does 'wherefore' mean?
Juliet said 'why?
We're only a gentleman's dream'

Snow White said to Cinders
'The prince is always gone
Fighting wars and inviting whores
To sing him love's sweet song'
Cinders said to Snow White
'Charming's only letting off steam
He's a gentleman
And we're only a gentleman's dream'

Amy said to the warden
When I turn on my tv
There's always someone I recognise
And she's much better looking than me'
Warden said 'Lolita
You're a star of the stage and screen
Crime pays
And you're only a gentleman's dream'

Carmen said to the Butterfly
'How come every night
I submit to my lover's will
And walk on to that knife'
Butterfly said 'well don't you know
You're a symbol in a scheme
Get a life
You're only a gentleman's dream'

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