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Driving In The Rain

John Wesley Harding

With all your vice and volume the whole of last week
The plastic pretenders to paradise speak
Of your fictions of triumph and legends of pain
The sense that you'd left you'd be back once again
There's a glint in your eyes and the sky starts to laugh
It's two to one you never did things by half
And I'm out on the rooftops yelling your name
Cos without you this town will be too much the same

You went driving in the rain
I'll never see you again
There's nothing in the air left to compare
To all of your passion and genius pain
You went driving in the rain
I'll never see you again

There was talk of an illness that came by surprise
The papers did penance, the whole town took sides
Oh, but it was your dancing and mischeivous mind
And then we were shot of you, but no-one's that blind
And there's flowers have bloomed down the side of your street
Where you and your demons did openly meet
And I hope it's wide open where you've got to
There's closed minds in this town that couldn't accept you


They're making excuses, the reasons the facts
They're reasoning how long you'll take to come back
But there's guilt in their prayers, maybe shame in their pride
They know it was no fault of yours down inside
They steps can't be retraced cos tracks disappear
And there'd be no welcome for you back here
Because you were the worst side of everyone's soul
They had to get rid or face up to the cold


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