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I Pray For You

John Rich

Sometimes when I sleep
I can see you
Walking back to me
And sometimes I wake up
'Cause I swear
I felt your touch

Then emotions
Overcome me
And the darkness
Is so cold

I light a candle
Watch it burn
I feel the angels come
And fill this room
When you're gone
I miss you so much
I do the only thing
I can do
I pray for you
I pray for you

Every minute of the day
I can clearly
See your face
And every minute
We're apart
You know
It just
Breaks my heart

I'm so lonely
But I'm okay
'Cause I know
We'll be
Together again


Oh, I pray for you


Oh, I pray for you

Please hold her
And protect her
'Til she's back here
In my arms again
Oh, and tell her how
I love her
And I'll be waiting
Right here forever

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