How do You Sleep? (Cifrada)

John Lennon


(John Lennon) A5 G5 F5 So Sgt. Pepper took you by suprise, E5 A5 You better see right thru that mother's eyes, A5 G5 F5 Those freaks was right when they said you was dead, E5 A5 The one mistake you made was in your head, (C5 D5 C5)x4 (G5 A5 G5)x4 <=Refrão Ah, how do you sleep? (C5 D5 C5)x4 (G5 A5 G5)x4 Ah, how do you sleep at night? A5 G5 F5 You live with straights who tell you you was king, E5 A5 Jump when your mamma tell you any thing, A5 G5 F5 The only thing you done was Yesterday, E5 A5 And since you've gone you're just another day, Refrão Solo: A5 | G5 | F5 | % | E5 | A5 | x2 Refrão A5 G5 F5 A pretty face may last a year or two, E5 A5 But pretty soon they'll see what you can do, A5 G5 F5 The sound you make is muzak to my ears, E5 A5 You must have learnt something in all thos years, Refrão Fim: A5 | G5 | F5 | % | E5 | A5 |

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