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Mike and Julie

John Grant

Boy from Michigan

On a lonely back-country road
Just outiside of Shawnee in Oklahoma
The bass line of our songs on your cassette
Sounds like the storm clouds we see up ahead
On the horizon
When we get to the place we are going
I look at the floor as I search for some words
I don't want to hear what I think you might say
You know what you want and I'm much too afraid
And I only feel shame and that makes me feel rage
At myself

Mike? Can you hear me?
Are you out there, Mike?
Are you listening?
I'm sorry

Julie's a force which must be reckoned with
She's kind and she's strong and she shoots from the hip
Her laugh is what you did not know you were missing
And if you are smart and try real hard to listen
You'll learn from her what friendship is
And what it isn't

Now Julie is coming and she'll be here soon
She'll be my escape from the truth in this room
And I know that I can't run away all my life
But I will be damned if I'll let someone else decide who I am
Or who I'll become

Are you out there?
I've been thinking about you, Julie
Are you listening?
I'm missing you

On a lonely back-country road
Just outiside of Shawnee in Oklahoma

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