John Frusciante

Smile from the Streets You Hold

by John Frusciante
Transcribed by Thatyou

Well is the pipe for
what it seems to be
Hell and all the babies on the babies
laugh at me
And I just wanna shine on and on and on the sky
hey on the bay, on the bay, on the bay
hey you out there wnat you
I need you andI want you here
On the wall on me, on me
Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
Hey now, hey now, hey now
The love, the love, I need you
The white hope and the law roads all are here
wine with me dead I go
I can't wait another day
To find the one who went away
the one who went there at the start
The one who went away and the part
who am I who plays the part
Who plays the part, the one who plays the part
The part, oooooo the part

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