John Frusciante



Anne you can't hide
You know we'll find your
It's a matter where pride flies out the window
I never got the weight off the ground
I just forgot what's up and what's down
How many get the way I feel now
There's no regret
There's just the sense that
Nothing is coming my way
There's so much that happened today
The Gods of the city have called my name
It means more to them than it means to me somehow
I left my body
I left my fate
But it is so hard to keep away now
Nothing is final because it seems all the while
There wasn't anything for me
I always faked my smile
There's so many careless angels responsible for me
They give me disease
They give me a pain in my neck to feed off me
Saying pay us the cost and we'll be gone
Now they shut my eyes and I can't see now
These are the times I was scared of
These are the fares I pushed out of my way
Now they've come back here to haunt me
It's plain to see who the winner and loser will be

written by John Frusciante © 2004

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