Simple Man

John Corbett

John Corbett – Simple man

There's a light on in the kitchen, again she's sittin' up
Crossword's on the table, coffee in the cup
She finds another word for waiting as he pulls into the drive
She ain't really all that angry, she's just glad that he's alive

Now he's standin' at the back door, straightening his hat
Having looked well for the ky that used to be under the mat
And she's working on that crossword, fightin' back a smile
Find another word for sober, let him sit out there a while

Twenty years of give and take, twenty years of working hard
Puttin' groceries on the table, plantin' maypoles in the yard
He is falling of the wagon, but he won't stay down too long
He'd rather die a thousand deaths than ever do his woman wrong

Now they're not too much to look at, skins too long in the sun
But they've weathered well together, and when all is said and done
It's still two spoons of sugar and carnation in the can
She says "your coffee's on the table, now get in here you simple man"

Simple man, simple man, he's just doing the best that a simlpe man can do
The bacon's in the skillet and the cakes are in the pan
Get in here you simple man

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