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People Change

Joel & Luke

Wanna tell you I'm alright
Wanna say I'm not in pain

But I would just be telling lies
I'm not ok, I'm not ok

I wanna travel back in time
Say the things I didn't say

I wanna tell you everything
If it's not too late, is it too late

Will you be there if I call, will you leave me in the rain
If I say it's all my fault will you still walk away
I understand if you're afraid

But people change, people change

Stay right here and talk to me
Let me hold you while you sleep

I won't be how I used to be
Cause now I know, now I know

I never saw the real you
Never really let go

And now I'm out here on my own
And you're my home, you're my home

I'm not gonna let you down this time
Darling don't be afraid

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