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You And I

Joe Zangie

I stay here that it much alone
Thinking back when you were that I hold
But now you so far from my reach
I know it’s too late from both you and me

You are everything to me started I’m so fine
That time when by love have different meaning to me
A say goodbye then the tears fell from your eyes

I never wanna to hurt you
I never wanna to see you cry
I only wanna to give you love
I lost the chance we both you and I

I’m alone I’m still looking back
Wondering why we didn’t really last
If was mean I didn’t understand
All that you wanted was a fade for man

I never knew why you question me
You only want that truth I didn’t wanna believe
Lies what I thought you easy your mind
I’m sorry ain’t you wanna waste your time


If you had a second chance
I can turn is all around
I sorry each have you end this way
I did you wanna let you down


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