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Why Let It Bother You

Joe Egan

People in the public eye tlakin┬┤on the news
Caught up in the power game spittin┬┤out the views
Promising to stand by everything the say
Shortchanging everybody all long the way
Propaganting hope spreading it around
Fulfilling nothing in the end letting everybody down
Once upon a time (you say) everything was okay
Life was just a game easy to play
Uncomplicated like a stroll in a park
Looking on the bright side never on the dark
Every reason to believe there was no necessity for doubt
Cause you never understood waht the fuss was all about
Talk about the war the right and the wrong
Talk about the trouble forever goin on
political discussion a misery to me
Everybody telling you that no-one can agree
Discuss it all you want; have a point of view
There┬┤s nothing you can change there┬┤s nothing you can do
.......................Why let it both you
Yeah why let it bother you; there┬┤s notihng you can change
There┬┤s nothing you can do, So why let it bother you?

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