Joe Budden

i'm comin (played all throughout the song)

The time has finally come beautiful people
Yeah, I've been singing this tune for entirely too long now
Like 8,9 years or somethin like that
But i'm here, only the presenter of your album
featuring myself Joe Budden
High haters the time is finally near

It's getting close i'm finally scared
Glad that the album's out yall it's finally here
I repeat myslef to haters yall i'm finally here
every street corner jailcell finally cheer
but it was yall that voted me
yall that noticed me
it was yall that said i should've signed to Def Poetry
it was yall that said
mama raised me proper the streets just moded me
the streets coded me made me a better pedigree
now things are complicated like Avril Lavigne said it be
but i took some time out to get my shit straight
and present to you Jumpoff 70 minute mixtape
this here for real this here's the official
this here is not a Best Of... this is The Best Of...
how can I say this
it's sorta like old PAC, BIG blindred woodbill withers and Miles Davis
those Ad Al Green folks i miscalculated
now it's Ludacris time, MOVE GET OUT MY WAY BITCh
a rapper's rap and a kid cand do thisti
till you ignorant motherfuckas don't miscontrude this
everything's reversed now i live in the Matrix
so how can i stay anonomyous when it's my job to be famous
alot of yall can interpret when i'm speaking my language
but some better understand to the rest it's better you cant
now when you speak with the elite
i get honoured admission
because the gold is on top
never an honourable mention
the Joe's purpose is to do
now here there's no further anew
enough said there will be no further

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