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Joe Brooks

Constellation Me

She hangs wind chimes from her ears
But I still can’t tell which way her mood’s blowing
The shades of her eyes well don’t let them fool you now,
Cos naive is not her middle name

She’s a kaleidoscope,
a new shade for each new way in which she draws you close
and then stumbles on your name
She is a battlefield, except you’re fighting with yourself
To keep your heart of steel, from melting to the ground
She is an oooh oooh... Kaleidoscope

A moat surrounds her fortress,
her long technicolor hair she dangles almost to the ground,
So that my finger tips always fall short of,
The light that glows so sweet and blindly guides without a care

She’s a Kaleidoscope, a new face for each new day
in which she draws you close and then stumbles on your name
She is an astronaut dancing freely through the air
Between each telescope that tries to catch her if they dare
Try to catch her…

Oh she comes and then she’s gone,
To the eye so kind for the heart so wrong…
Oh she comes and then she’s goes…
To my eye so kind, but that’s the one thing for sure she knows.

-Vanessa Stange.

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