Joan Osborne


Joan Osborne

Whatever happened to this?
It was an island of bliss
In this ridiculous place
But now the river runs black
And I don't know the way back
I feel it goin' to waste

We are the mongrels
Underneath the table
Fightin' for the leavings
Tearin' them to shreds
We are the mongrels
Rollin' on the floorboards
Unaware of the banquet
Up above our heads

I reach across the divide
I wanna take you inside
But something's holding me down
There is a thorn in my side
It's coming on like a tide
These tender feelings to drown
This is a chance for the prize
It's waiting here in my eyes
You hardly look at me now
With every beat of my heart
I want to make a new start
But I don't seem to know how
We are the mongrels

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