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Get Up Jack

Joan Osborne

Get up Jack, crack your head
Sweatin' whiskey in my bed
Ain't you heard a word I've said
Get up Jack
Get up Jack, read the news
See if you can tie your shoes
Find another friend to use
Get up Jack
And come down, come down
Long enough to see my face
Come down, come down
Get up Jack, run and hide
Tell us all how hard you tried
Burn your bridges, drown your pride
Get up Jack
Get up Jack, crack your head
Been so long since I fed
You ain't heard a word I've said
Get up Jack
If I came in a bottle...
It was a mighty good year
How come I don't get you high
How come you're still here
God, you were so beautiful
I used to watch you sleep
God, God so beautiful
Too much promise to keep
Get up Jack, go to hell
Baby I can taste the smell
Wish I didn't, truth to tell
Know you, know you so damn well
Get up Jack

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