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It Ain't Me Babe

Joan Baez

Go away from my window, leave at your own chosen speed.
I`m not the one you want, babe, I`m not the one you need.
You say you`re looking for someone, never weak but always strong,
to protect you and defend you, whether you are right or wrong.
Someone to open each and every door.
But it ain`t me, babe, no, no, no, it ain`t me, babe,
it ain`t me you`re looking for, babe.
Go lightly from the ledge, babe, go lightly on the ground.
I`m not the one you want, babe, I will only let you down.
You say you`re looking for someone, who will promise never to part.
Someone to close his eyes for you, someone to close his heart.
Someone who will die for you and more. + CHORUS
Go, melt back in the night, babe, everything inside is made of stone.
There`s nothing in here moving, and anyway I`m not alone.
You say you`re looking for someone,
who`ll pick you up each time you fall.
To gather flowers constantly, and to come each time you call.
A love of your life and nothing more. + CHORUS

(Joan Baez)



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