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You Belong In The Sun

Jo Dee Messina

You can spread your wings and fly
You can try to go so High -- in the sky
That you'll never come down
You can follow every dream
But when it seems -- everything you believe
Never works out
Remember I'm right here for you
When everything comes undone
You belong to me
You belong in the sun
(let it shine, let it shine)

You can wander far away--
Everyday I will pray you're safe
Till I see you again
When you feel that no one cares
You're scared I'll be there this I swear
Right To the end

I'll always be right here for you
No matter what you've done
You belong to me
You belong in the sun
(let it shine, Let it shine)

The clouds move in-- but the storms won't stay
'Cause when they get a load of you
They're gonna be blown away

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