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Public Static Final


Verso: Who is this girl? She's driving in the rain. She's listening to the songs that she knows will bring her pain. Reflecting on her life.
Contemplating every move. She apologizes for all her wrongs even though
she's got nothing to prove. She isn't allowed to be faltered. She puts
others before her. She has to perfect even though she's the weakest.

Refrao: Do you think I could speak? Do you think I could breathe? Lay your head on my chest, can you hear my heart beating? If you'd only look closer, you'll see that she's suffering inside. If you'd only look sooner, you'll see that there's something she's trying to hide.

Verso: She's trapped between the person she is and the person she's supposed to be. She fakes her smiles and she fakes them so she believes them. She does what people tell her to because she can't make her decisions. She asks...(Refrao)

Break: She's looking forward to holidays because they're the only days that still have meaning. She said "someone turn off the mute, can you hear me screaming?" (Refrao)

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