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Jin Vs Sterling


Uh, yea, yo, yo, yo, yo, ay yo i'm mad free you actin like I ain't
the one, why you got me battlin' Bruce Lee grandson yo, i'm a
star he just a rookie leave rap alone and keep making fortune
cookies look i'm that guy yo his mom was a menace to society
sayin' "hurry up and buy" in the hood is where they'll find yo body dog,
i'm the kid you just Mr. Miagi look, i kick raps can spit fire yo,
he just kick and be like "hiya" dog I know why yo eyes is chinky,
cuz you keep starin at my pinky yo let's go holla back.

you wanna say im' chinese sonny? here's a reminda
check your tims they probably say "made in china"
don't make me get on this tip and straight kill ya
his name is sterling cause all he rocks is silver
dude, you, stop followin trends
your girl must love alcohol cause she be swallowin' jin
yo imma bout to flip the script when it's comin' to it
ay yo you see me spittin on the block you runnin to it
this is 106 and park, i'm a hard act to follow
you a amateur, you go to the apollo
cause i'm freestyling know when i'm done
son, you ain't a baller tell the audience the truth
i saw him breakdancing for spare change on 42.

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