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Intro The Signing (skit)


>Hey Jin buddy... How you doing?
>Yo whats going on man?
>Hey what's popping... ah... Im down.
>uh... uh... uh.
>You knowww... okay.
>Did you get a chance to take a look at the contract?
>Yeah... we got the contract ready for you to sign today.
>How... how we lookin today?
>Lookin good... everything is ready... um but uh you sure you ready to...
you gonna be a ruff rider now... uh big time stuff... uh... ride or die... here we go.
>I've been waiting my whole life for this man so... lets do this.
>Well here you go just sign right here... initial here.
>Um hu
>There you go.
>Right here?
>Yeah... yeah thats it.
>There you go.
>Okay you are signed now. It's... its... its a rap.
>Yeah ride or die... okay.
>Yo wa what up yo?
>Yo get his contract man... let me see this.
>I just signed today yo
>Aye we gonna work on the album right now?
>Forget your album man... yo you know how to fight dogs?
>Dogs, we gonna go meet DMX yo?
>Stop playing man we are not gonna go meet DMX man.
>Do you know how to do doughnuts?
>I wanna be a ruff.... doughnuts?
>On a bike man... do you know how to ride a bike?
>Im kinda ugly.
>Do you know how to ride a bike?
>Yo you got a hawk?
>Hawk... you mean like bird?
>You got a gun?
>nah a gun?
>Why would I have a...bomb yo
>Here take that
>Yo... hold up... yo I can get...
>Yo don't point it at me
>Put the shit down
>Forget your freestyle
>We gonna do an album right?
>Yeah yeah yeah... album album album
>Cool cool cool
>Cause I don't wanna give up...
>You gotta get passed lifestyle first!

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