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Dear Mama


When I was young me and my momma had beef
15 yrs old kicked out on the streets
though back at the time Im young and wreckless of course
how could I steal from my mom and not show a bit of remorse
somewhat ashamed to speak about it
lost all my mommas trust over what!? a pair of sneakers and an outfit

I got caught this Ruffryder got week
when I saw the tears runnin down the side of her cheeks
catchin flashbacks of when I was baby in her arms
doctor said I had a fever and her baby was in harm
106 degrees I was close to my death
but you kept me at ease held me close to your breast
this woman raised me bathed me the fact is it hurts
cause soon as she forgave me I went right back in her purse
just fights and more lies nights with more cries
so when I see your smile now its a sight for sore eyes

You know your babyboy is blowin up
but - it wasnt all good growin up
I shed tears with my baby sister
over the years we were tighter than the other lil kids
thank God we had the same daddy
but came drama when things go wrong dont blame mama
theres no way that I can pay you back
but as a man I think I finally understand...I love you ma..

(I love you momma) aint nobody ever takin your place
(I love you momma) and I love to see the smile on your face
(I love you momma) you know I wanna give you the world
(I love you momma) youll always be my #1 girl
(I love you momma) Im so proud to be your son
(I love you momma)......

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