Better Man

Jimmy Needham

Vice & Virtue

I'm kinder than I used to be, I know
I talk a little less and I listen a little more
I've even figured out the way to
Fold a fitted sheet
In the big and the little things
Anyone can see

I'm a better man, I'm a better man
Every day I spend with you
God makes me more of who I am
I'm a better man, it must have been his plan
All because you love me, baby
I'm a better man

I'll probably never stop losing my keys
But I'll never stop fighting for you
And for our family
And I stand a little taller when
You're standing next to me
Yeah who I used to be
Is some old memory

I've made wrong turns
And I've watched bridges burn
But I'm leaving them behind
That was yesterday
And I have hope today
Every time I look in your eyes

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