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Valentine's Day Songs

Jimmy Fallon

To Third Eye Blind's "Jumper"
It's almost the 14th of February
So try and guess
Why I'm so depressed
I wish you would send that valentine, my friend
You should see the junk mail and bills that I've been getting in
And, if I get one more thing from Ed McMahon,
I'll kill my mailman...

To Sean Mullin's "Lullabye"
She said she likes hard candy
I said 'yeah who doesn't?'
Her favorite ones are the hearts with all those words on them like
'hug me' and 'kiss me' and 'miss ya' and 'cutie pie'
And I said 'if I get those things then maybe tonight you'll be mine'
She said 'you're a complete idiot'
'Cause it's almost midnight on Valentine's Day and I haven't gotten one damn candy'
I took her hand, brushed back her hair, and I sang to her
I said 'I know a place, it's open up all night'

To New Radical's "You Get What You Give"
It's 3 O'Clock in the morning
A wasted Valentine's night, right
My ex-girlfriend's getting a phone call tonight
I got tequila in me
Don't hang up,
It's your ex-boyfriend Jimmy
I am drunk,
Had six Long Island iced teas
I love you,
Won't you come back to me please?

To Madonna's "Ray Of Light"
I got myself a Whitmann's Sampler Chocolate
It comes with a diagram,
That describes every one
And it's sealed, in a heart-shaped box
And it's sealed, in a stay-fresh box
And it's sealed
Will you be my Valentine?
Will you be my Valentine?
Will you be my Valentine?

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