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Troll Doll Jingles

Jimmy Fallon

The Bathroom Wall

To the tune of "Desire"

Troll Doll out on the street
Got no job got no money
Got no shoes on the feet
But you gotts stay tall, stay high
And Troooll Doll
And Troooll Doll

To the tune of "What's Going On"

25 years I?ll be 30 years old
I?m 5 and I?m sitting here playing with this troll
This troll That I got for Christmas
And so I?m playing with his shirt and I?m playing with his hair
I?m gonna play with my friend, so I?ll put you right there
And I?ll be back, I?ll be back in a minute
But when I come back around my troll?s not there
And I remember his shirt and his long pink hair
And I scream at the top of my lungs "My Troll is Gone"
And I say hey ay ay ay
Hey ay ay
I say hey, My Troll is gone

To the tune of "Losing My Religion"

That's it in the window
That Troll is a Blue Light special
Here at K-Mart can't wait to get it
Oh no it costs too much
I don't have enough

To the tune of "Mr. Jones"

Sha la la la la la ya
Woah ho Yeah
Got this this doll he's a friend of mine
He's always there when I need him, Mr.Troll
We go out for a walk some times
And we take a walk
We take a walk, Yeah
Mr. Troll and me,
Cruisin' around the streets of Boston
And we get lost sometimes
But we don't know how it's a sold out show
And we're
Sha la la la la la la la la la
Mr. Troll and me,
Gonna be a Big Star

To the tune of "Yellow"

I bought a Troll
I bought a Troll for you
The one you wanted was blue
But they only had Yellow

To the tune of "Uninvited"

I wanted a Troll Doll
but I didn't have money to pay for it
So we decided to steal it,
A five-finger discount
And run for it
But you, you got away
I was indicted
Because of a Troll Doll

To the tune of "So Much To Say"

I say I went to a toy store
Got a Troll for my kid
I fell asleep and they locked me in
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Now I'm stuck inside
Because here I have been shopping for a long time
Tridding Trodden Trolls
Open up this toy store and let me out
Little Baby

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