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Star Wars Songs

Jimmy Fallon

To Sugar Ray's "Every Morning"
Every morning there's a line around the corner 'cause I live next to the ciniplex
Scalpers wanted like $200 for a ticket
Didn't have it so I wrote them a check
I just can't believe it,
George Lucas is a genius,
Star Wars is back again
First I'm gonna see it,
And them I'm gonna see it again
Every morning
Shut the door baby, the movie just started

To Eminem's "My Name Is"
Hi kids, do you like sci-fi action, with Sam Jackson?
Gonna blow up like Titanic with Bill Paxton
Cool brother with the bald head and goatee,
Isn't he the first black guy to be on Star Wars since Billy Dee?
Hi, my name is,
Huh? My name is,
Who? My name is,
Chicky-chicky, Mace Windu

To Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca"
He say's 'The force is with you' then he leans on a small cane,
He'll make you lift things up without hands,
He'll make you use your brain
And then you'll go insane
Gives Jedi advice
Livin' la vida Yoda
He won't tell you twice
Livin' la vida Yoda
A swamp is where he lives
He looks like Abe Vigoda
Tells it like it is
Livin' la vida Yoda
Livin' la vida Yoda
Livin' la vida Yoda

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