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Holiday Medley

Jimmy Fallon


We ate too much
Filled our plates now we're stuffed
But we can't give up
Until allthe food's gone

I feel like I weigh a ton
My pants are coming undone
Turn on that microwave, son
We're up all night to get turkey
We're up all night to get turkey
We're up all night to get turkey


I ate the thigh of the turkey
The gravy
Everything you made me

Now I'm on the sofa
And you're gonna hear me snore
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
You're gonna hear me snoore


And we get to spin dreidels (Dreidels!)
And wear our yarmulkes
This Thanksgiving has a plus
It's the first day of Hannukah

So let's light our menorahs (Norahs!)
And eat potato pancakes
So baby Shalom (Shalom)
Shalom (Shalom)
Let's celebrate both today


You made me cook a butterball
And then a green bean casserole
All you did was sit and watch football
And ignored all of your fa-a-mily
Ignored your fa-a-mily


I got this turkey on Thanksgiving Day and it was raw
I took it right out of the fridge, I watched, I let it thaw
I put your giblets in a bag and threw it in the air
I stuffed the bread crumbs in your butt
I don't care
I stuffed it
I don't care
I stuffed it, I stuffed it... I don't care


Everybody get up!

Black Fri-day!
Black Fri-day!
Black Fri-day!

(I hate these) Long liines!

Outside the WalMart
Outside the Kmart
Outside the Target
(But there's some) Good buuys!

You better hurry
You want that Furby
What rhymes with Furby?

Where'd you get those headphones?
Playstation and Xbox
I'd trample you to get one
You're the hottest gift in this place!


Made a list and checked it twice
Are you naughty, are you nice?

Beard of white and suit of red
Got my reindeer and my sled
Got my reindeer and my sled

I believe in you
You believe in me
I'm Santa Claus
I believe in you
You believe in me
I'm Santa... Ho!

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