Jimmy Cliff

Well the years have come and the years have gone
Still the son of man keeps a trotting on
Journey, journey on
Yet from innocence to experience
From dependence to independence
Journey, journey on
Well now I have love and I have been loved
I have judged and I have been judged
Journey, journey on
So where there come a storm there's a victory
Cause I live all and all lives in me
Journey, journey on

Journey, oh journey
And I never get, never get weary yet
Journey, oh journey
Still I never get, never get weary yet

I was captured on the banks of the river nile
Carried far beyond the seven seas
Journey, journey on
So I left my home in the morning
I wanna go home in the evening
Journey, journey on

Like the sun and sea life is flowing free
I've got to be free 1983
Journey, journey on
So from the lessons learned and the tables turned
The victories earned and my heart still yearns
Journey, journey on

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