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3rd Stone From the Sun

Jimi Hendrix

Are You Experienced?

'Star fleet to scout ship, please give your position. Over'
'I am in orbit around the third planet from the star called the sun. Over'
'you mean it's the earth? Over.'
positive. It is know to have some form of intelligent species. Over'
'i think we should take a look.'

Strange beautiful grass of green
With your majestic silken seas
Your mysterious mountains
I wish to see closer
May i land my kinky machine

Although your world wonders me
With you majestic superior crackling hen
Your people i do not understand
So to you i wish to put and end
And you'll never hear surf music again

To salute the last moment ever on dry land
Our machine it has done its work played its part well
Without a scratch on our body when we bid it farewell
Starfish and giant foams greet us with a smile
Before our heads go under we take our last look at the killing noise
Of the out of style
The out of style out of style oh yeah

So down and down and down and down we go
Hurry my darlin' we mustn't be late
For the show
Neptune champion games to an aqua world is so my dear
Right this way smiles a mermaid
I can hear atlantis full of cheer
Atlantis full of cheer
I can hear atlantis full of cheer
Oh yeah

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