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Thou Shalt Wilt

Jim O'Rourke

Now gather round
And check this shit out
I found a simple way
To keep us all devout
If there’s one thing we can all agree about
Why not make it ten
And banish any doubt

Let’s start it rolling by covering number ten
Cut off their heat then they’ll beat a retreat, amen
Now we come to number nine
Falls neatly next in line
Whoa what happened to number ten
Don’t think we’ll see them here again
Steal a look at number eight
What better way to procreate
Just take ’em out one at a time

You can’t be serious
They look so good in their wedding dress
I need time to assess
I don’t want to acquiesce
Six has a spicy ring to it
No harder one to commit
I think this one will be a hit
Now that’s what I call holy writ
We want to take a closer look at number five
Could it apply if implied that they’re not alive

Number four is such a pain
The sabbath thing is so arcane
I don’t want to desecrate
My only day to sleep in late
Don’t take his name in vain
From this one you want to abstain
We must set a clear mandate
The best damn way to conjugate
We’re almost to the end
If heaven you want to ascend
Just take ’em out one at a time

You shall have no other god but me
You shall have no other god but me
You shall have no other god but me

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