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With Pen In Hand

Jim Nabors

With pen in hand you si-ign your na-ame
Today at five I'll be o-on that trai-ain
And you'll be free-ee and I will be
Alo-one, so alone

If you think we can't find the love we once knew-ew
If you think I can't make everything up to you-ou
Then I'll be go-one and you'll be on your ow-own
You'll be on your own

Can you take good care of Johnny
Can you take him to school everyday-ay
Can you teach him how to catch a fish
And keep all those bullies away-ay
Hear what I say

Can you teach her him how to whistle a tu-une
Can you tell him about the man in the moo-oon
Well if you can do these thi-ings
Then maybe he won't miss me
Maybe he won't miss me

And tonight as you lay in that big lonely be-ed
And you look at that pillow where I laid my hea-ead
With your heart on fire will you have no desire
To kiss me and to hold me

And if you can forget the good times we ha-ad
If you think that the good times don't outweigh the bad
Than sign your na-ame and I'll be on my way-ay
I'll be on my way
On my way... [fade]

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