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I Should Have Known Better

Jim Diamond

And I should've known better
To lie to one as beautiful as you.
Yeah I should've known better
To take a chance on ever losing you,
But I thought you'd understand.
Can you forgive me?

I - saw you walking by the other day
I know that you saw me, you turned away and I was lost.
You see - I've never loved no-one as much as you,
I've fooled around but tell me now just who is hurting who?

I should've known better
I should've known better

Its true, I took our love for granted all along
And trying to explain where I went wrong I just dont know.
I cry - but tears dont seem to help me carry on,
And now there is no chance you'll come back home,
Got too much pride

I love you
I love you
La la la I love you la la la yeah

And I should've known better
To lie with one as beautiful as you....

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