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Tennessee Wedding

Jim Bianco

it was a Tennessee wedding, the summer sun was setting. The preacher was sweating like the swine.
As the bride started drinking, the groom started winking at the brides maid thinking 'maybe one last time'.

Winnie's looking pretty. She brought her husband from the city; they're dancing to the nitty gritty dirt band.
But after seven glasses of the southern sweet molasses, she started making passes at the best man,

Mama's in the kitchen, cookin' chicken, she's panic stricken- for her little boy'll be a married man.
While daddy's on the phone holding his wishbone and talking mrs. Pipitone into a one night stand.

Virgil works for cable; he's got his elbows on the table.
His second wife Mable's in deep because his first wife is doing twenty-five to life, she took a steak knife to him in his sleep....

Billy had a fit. The pig is on the spit and he said, "I wish I could lick it clean!" Clydes eyes were on the bride; he said, "Little billy boy, I know exactly what you mean".

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