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Ready Or Not

Jim Bianco

it's lonely at the top, but the bottom ain't so hot
I'm fixin' to get you, baby
Ready or not, here I come
You can't pretend that you're okay
because just last week I heard they
took away your birthday
we're taking it back

You told me you're lonely
You need be no more
My feet fast and furious
Race for your door

Ready or not....

You smokin', flippin' flapjacks
But aunt jemima knows your
Hear comes in a soft pack
And I know it, too.
That's why I'm coming for you

Me loves what you does, boo-boo,
be still because...

I'm coming, ready or not
I ain't much but I'm all that you got

You sleep all night, you sleep all day
Your dreams have been corrupted by commercial interruptions
Don't be afraid, 'cause I'm on the way

You're unimpressed, you're underdressed and at it's best you would confess it's a little bit less than what you would expect

I can relate- so don't make me wait.

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