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Handsome Devil

Jim Bianco

did you misplace your halo, sweet angel?
did you think you'd find it here?
where the boys are gladly lonely
but still whisper in your ear
with all their dirty mouths and
all their dirty minds
dirty martini's strangled at the spine
you're chewing on your tongue-
sucking on your thumb
i can make you numb if i try

tell me you need me so I can
leave you here behind
tell me you need me so I can leave.

go to hell you handsome devil
i know what you're thinkin'
but the joke is laughing at you, boy,
you're so sadly mistaken
your face is wearing thin
i can see right through your skin
passed that boyish little grin that you wear

your dirty little mouth
your dirty little mind
That tries so very hard not to care.

Tell me you need me so I can leave.

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