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Pilar ( Things Here Are Different )

Jill Sobule

It's been five years since the man has died
Don't think the people have changed
We can put up posters, we can riot in the streets
Still a woman can't make ends meet

So why don't you do something about it?
Things don't happen to you; you make them happen
She laughed
You don't understand; you're from another land
Things here are different

Here in sunny Spain the widows all wear black
To show their respect and their sorrow
Here in Spain, so simple is our life
You're either a whore, a mother, or a wife


We've seen your freedom
We get your TV shows
So sinful, so inviting
I thought I'd like to know
I'm the talk of the town
I'm the shame of my family
Your wonderful freedom -- look where it's got me


Things here are different

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