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Angel Asshole

Jill Sobule

You are the angel
I am the asshole
I am the one that caused a trillion tears
And no one wants to hear
But I feel bad

I waited for the right time
Whatever is the right time
To tell someone that you don’t love them the same
And I know it sounds so lame
But I feel bad

All our friends
Take your side
They don’t understand my crime
And I’m serving my time
As you grow more beautiful

You are the good one
I am the bad guy
I’m not the one the poets write in blood for
I’m not worthy of a song
But I feel bad

I’ve been dumped
Kicked to the curb
Oh yes it hurts
But it always passes
Then you grow
And then you’ll know
That you’re better off alone

Without the asshole
You are the angel
Believe me when I say
I feel so bad

Oh believe me when I say
I feel bad

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