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Half Doin' Dope (With Lil Yachty, feat. BabyTron)


(Hey, JID, bro what good?)
My nigga, what's happenin'? I'm back in this ho
(What goin' on with y'all folks? I hope y'all straight)
Fuck all 'em crackers, I'm packin' the pole
(Ayy, fuck all 'em stupid-ass racist bitches)
I gave them rappers they time at the podium
I ain't spoken, I ain't speak in a moment
It's been a minute, I was feedin' the homie
(Where the hell you been then, little bruh?)
Holdin' it down, keep my niggas afloat
(Oh, you mean like investin'?
Like givin' back to the community?)
He in the mound with pounds of dope
(Oh shit, I see what you mean, boy, you hell)
She got the mouth and a throat of a G. O. A. T
But be on the proud to go fuck on my bro
You scandalous hoes, Olivia Popе
I'm having some motion
I'm having some brunch in Miami with Hova
I'm braggin', I'm boastin'
I'm Black as fuck and just be draggin' my scrotum
I'm mad as fuck at how thеy had or have us in ropes
Half don't have a daddy at home, half doing dope
Habitat and hazard, they having stones
Niggas hassling, running homes
Like a habit but amateurs, any whom
(Run through that motherfuckin' shit on the daily)
Look at me, drippy, he fresh off the boat
(Boy, where you goin', where you been, where you goin' to?)
Came for the crown on the head of a G. O. A. T
(Exactly, nigga, roll that shit up then)
Half of an ounce in the pouch of my coat
I used to be surfing on couches and sofas
Needed a shower with water and soap
(Damn, lil dirty ass nigga, how'd you get that shit then)
I put that shit on my back for the team
(Don't bet protect yourself, nigga I know you ain't playin')
My chopper sing, Dion, Celine
(You motherfuckin' dog, he ain't playin')
One for my momma and one for my queen
And one for the drama, I'm causing a scene
They caught him traffic, I'm on twenty Es
I come from Atlanta, I'm Tony, I'm Tony Montana
I total my toe on my tag
And my brodie told me put my dope in a rap
While he rappin', dope, he put his hope in the trap
In a total package, I don't know if he baggin'
But niggas know who be holdin' it
Havin' in the hood constantly battlin' bad and good
I ain't mad them, all of us gettin' jugged
Now I don't give a fuck
(Now you know your ass give a fuck, boy)
Well, I gotta wrap this up
Gotta go to the cash, never had too much
Got a bag in a flash, then I passed you up
Your raps are wrapped, I can smack you up
In the cut in a cap with a lick, whippin' a lack on rims
I thought it was him (I thought that was you, my nigga)
JID catch a nigga workin' out in the gym (Oh, shit)

Ten in the house, put it right in her neck
Ten thousand dollars, put right on your ex
If he let his homies hype him high as a jet
I'ma green light it, we sponsor the step team
Wrap the Pelle through the [?] like a wet dream
Flew this bitch out, all I saw was her nipple
Shit felt like a movie with terrible sex scenes
Who's sellin' guns? [?] listens
I'm in Detroit damn near more than the Pistons
Last nigga play on my name came up missin'
So much demon work, damn near crossed the religion
No way that God would let all
of this niggas stay high, I am livin'
I did too much for the next man I love
Been at the bottom, and look where it was
Trust me, it's easier, I'm gettin' up
Sunny side up, coupe was yellow like mustard
Workin' so hard, tryin' not to get flustered
Put on some restraint, could've bought Dave & Busters
I reserved all my feelings, I knew not to trust her
Niggas know Boat 'bout this shit, without question
Runnin' by six before I hop out the section
Rather by law sections before I lease
Walk with a limp, but I talk like a priest
It's us (Brr)

Easy or the hard way, I took the crack route
Ain't it crazy I never had to work the trap house?
Novak Djokovic, how I pull 'em racks out
Old girl think she cute cause she got her ass out
That's 2022 for you
Why you call him, "Bro, " when it's time
he won't shoot for you (Why?)
You brought a pole to the fight, I got a nuke for you
I got a four, got a pint, got a deuce for you
I like it cold with some ice in my double cup
I'm off the flight, took the Sprinter, fuck a shuttlebus
Moonrock in the blunt, I might hover up (Nyoom)
So much money in my backpack, I might pinch a nerve
Pull up in that big Hellcat, I might hit the curb
She done hit me with that one brain, man, this bitch a nerd
If she don't hit me with that one brain
then she gettin' swerved
Real roadrunner, no wheels, took the hound home
Too many blues in the roll, I can't count blood (Brr)
You want a handout? How about no?
Yohji Yamamoto, came a long way from Southpole (Huh)
Touchdown in two plays
ARP'll turn his Tuesday into doomsday
Ridin' 'round tinted, masked up like I'm Bruce Wayne
So much kick, it's Liu Kang mixed with Liu Kang, huh
Told her "Quit the playin', we ain't K-I-Ds"
Lil' bitch a fan, she just asked if I know JID
Say we owe you, shit, you must've missed the A-I-E
I mean the A-E-I, shit, I'm tired, been a crazy week
First rule was put up five every K I see
Told the bitch "Don't question me, I ain't A. I. sneaks"
ShittyBoyz DogShit Militia
You know what the fuck goin' on

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