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29 Freestyle


Woah, ugh, ah, man, shit's stupid
Fuck, man, trudgin', uh

Trudgin' through the mud, you got' pay me back in blood
Tap heads, call subs if you tired, bruh
Liable to wild if they don't give me mine
Semi-nine fit me fine
hit a nigga fifty-five, five, ha, times
Hard times still ahead and behind, don't whine though
I ride or die, or I'll die while releasin' the Rondo
I'm qualified, I've never made a dollar off of Spotify
Shit, nah, I'm lyin', probably five
She say my willy really giant, Jiddie Cauley-Stein
Kamikaze cool, killin' mood
You will not survive, who will I include?
Every girl, guy, so-callеd thug, goon, get in the line
'Causе when I touch lines, it's suicide
It's 'bout time for niggas to duck the shade
then shine through all blinds
When all stars align like lightweights wastin' my time
Switchin' gears to grind, came to grips with grabbin' nines
In the midst, the wind whispers, where you been?
It's been a mighty long time
Long time, lineage, legacy, legend in his prime-time
Like Deion, Hbcu, coach your own kind
Blindside, I look out for yours, you look out for mine
Like you Michael Oher, or them crackers
Michael Myers at my door
Mighty fine (Whore) , read my horoscope and said my sign
What's your rising? What's your moon?
Saw her moon was from behind
Shake it like it's for the 2000 and 1999
Back that thing up like Juvenile, rhyme line for line (Oof)
Gold and diamonds shine, never sign my soul
For those I told, my bro in the ride with rope
Before I glow, it glew, it coast, they inside the stove
It's hot, my nose overflow with snot- (Oof, oof, oof)
You didn't know the nigga, told me I be totin' the rock
Gettin' older, nigga, tell me I be totin' the Glock
Gettin' older, nigga, die (Dead)
or gettin' thrown in the box (Fuck)
Before they told me, ni-ni-ni-ni (Fuck, yeah)
I had to show these ni-ni-ni-ni (What?)
Workin' like Kobe-be-be-be-be
Look at my Rollie-lie-lie-lie-lie
Niggas on flash, ho, niggas on bodie
Niggas on Od-D-D-D-D
Niggas don't know me-me-me-me-me
Niggas don't know me-me-me-me-me
But I'm gon' show these niggas
I'ma show these niggas, I'ma show these niggas
When the police kickin' in the door
You and daddy on the dope fiend, but he still smoked
They pull up in the Rover, feet on top
When they see it like a motherfucker
you feel what I'm sayin'?

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