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Jesus Jones

A lined red face burns in the sun, frying on the pavement
This Mr. T endorses rum, now you know
T for Tenants from the can, it抯 the choice of champions
Become an extraordinary man, a Super-man
Legal at 18
To try for the A Team
It抯 the children most impressed, 憈hat clown抯 lost his make upHe抯 raging at the
damned success, at being the best
We may never make the grade, not the likes of you and I
But once or twice a week we try, then we dry
It takes dedication
To be on the A Team
Not just teenage bravado
You went the extra mile
Forget the weekenders 抍os
All that practice came good just like you knew it would
The cream of the cream
Go off in the A Team
There are still placings now
To be on the A Team

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